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Stearns Infant Hydro PFD, Gold

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Swimline ULU Kids USCG Approved Life Vest - Girls-Large

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Mustang Inflatable Work Vest w/HIT Orange

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Welcome to our site. We are all about life jackets.

This site will provide detailed product reviews of the best life jacket's on the market today. We will make your online shopping experience a pleasure. Searching for a life jacket can be difficult. There are many out there and there is a lot to consider.Will your boating be done on a relatively shallow lake? Will you be in deep canals? Are you in channels with strong currents? With your boating be done in the ocean far from shore?

The life jacket that you are probably familiar with is often referred to as the nearshore survival jacket. This is a very light life jacket and should only be used for boating close to shore where currents are at a minimum. This personal flotation device should only be used in populated waters where if an accident happens help will be available in a short time. The typical life jacket is really a flotation aid. It is very lightweight and is used for most recreational boating activities. These will keep you afloat in the water, but will not keep your face upright so if you are unconscious you may drown even though you are wearing a flotation aid.

If your boating excursions are in the ocean you should definitely consider an offshore life jacket. This is real survival gear. It will keep you afloat in very rough waters. It has an added benefit in that if you are unconscious, it will keep your face above the water. This is a good reason to pay the extra money even if you're boating is nearshore or in deep lakes. If help is far away and an accident occurs where you end up unconscious in the water, this type of jacket could save your life.

Selecting the right life jacket will not only keep you safe but may save you a lot of money. We will help you make the right purchase. Recreational boating provides a wonderful experience for the whole family. Do it safely. Never go out on the water without wearing a life jacket. It may save your life or the life of one of your family and the price of a lifejacket is nothing compared to the loss of someone you love. So take a good look around this website and see the different manufacturers, models, prices, and descriptions. We will feature the best life jackets, vests and PFD's for boating, kayacking and fishing, or anywhere that safety on the water is important. I'm sure the information that is presented here will help you to make a purchase that you are pleased with. Thank you for visiting Life Jackets at

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