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Kokatat Life Jackets

Kokatat makes high end life jackets. Kayaking is extreme and their life jackets provide you with maximum safety.

Kokatat Life Jackets

Kokatat makes life jackets for the sport of kayaking. Life jackets are the most important of all the safety equipment and is the primary accessory required for boating or kyacking. This company really fulfills that need. Kokatat goes all the way back to 1971, when company founder Steve O’Meara started manufacturing sports apparel for paddle sports. He located in our Arcata, California and did his best to keep his production and manufacturing facilities there. The company takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. They monitor the carbon footprint of their energy usage and their dedication to green energy is proven by their investment in their own solar power system.

They produce high-end life jackets that are intended for the most intense environments. This is proven in that one of their life jackets is intended for ocean kayaking. Unlike most recreational boating, kayakers who paractice their sport in whitewater, rivers, bays or even the ocean, expect to flip over and understand the importance of life jackets for safety. Kokatat is one of the top manufacturers of safety gear for this rugged activity.

Kokatat is extremely quality conscious and all its products are backed by a lifetime warranty and the company maintains its own repair facility in Arcata. Customer service is foremost in all their products. The company makes personal flotation devices for men, women, and children. Their PFD designs are state-of-the-art and your comfort is one of their major requirements.

Kokatat life jackets and pfds are made for kayacking and paddling activites where the water can be both your best friend and your worst enemy.  They are made to be really comfortable. They are designed to provide roomy storage pockets, have mesh backs which make them be really comfortable while seated, and their adjustable shoulder and side straps guarantee a comfortable fit.  They feature reflective tape which enhances your visibility to a searchlight and some models have a tab in the rear to hold a strobe light. They are not a bulky jacket, the bouyant foam is fitted for comfort yet provides great floatation characteristics. Kokatat makes a great life jacket or PFD and this is fact is nothing new to extreme kayakers and paddlers.

Kokatat has more than 20 years supplying safety equipment for those who really need it and their prorietary floatating foam has great characteristics. They are constantly upgrading and revamping their product line to keep their life jackets state of the art. Their survival gear is top of the line and Kokatat keeps their products current.  Most of their life jackets  meet or exceed the USCG and Transport Canada requirements.

So take a close look at their life jackets for kayaking and paddling sports.  The SeaO2 is the first hybrid inflatable life jacket which is UL approved for kayaking. It's seven pounds plus of flatation is increased to twenty two with the touch of a lever. The Kokatat Ronin Pro Rescue Life Jacket protects your spine and side. The Kokatat Outfit Tour Life Jacket is built tough and durable and is extremely comfortable. Whatever features you like and want in a life jacket, Kokatat has one that meets your needs. Look around at their products, one will be perfect for you!

Check out the life jacket models from Kokatat that we feature. They are amazing.


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