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MTI Life Jackets

Cape Cod and Plymouth Harbor are right next door and the people of MTI wear the life jackets  that they make!

MTI Life Jackets

MTI Life Jackets started in 1991, and they have been constructing the finest life jackets for adventuresome folks who love paddle sports and spend time on the water and they have been making them for more than two decades.If your boat is driven by a paddle,  MTI  makes a life jacket for you! They make life jackets that people like to wear as opposed to life jackets that are worn as a necessary evil!

Since Plymouth Harbor and Cape Cod is in their back yard, the people of MTI are able to kayak, canoe, fish, or sail only 5 minutes from their offices and warehouses in Plympton, Massachusetts. The people of MTI have found that building MTI Adventurewear was a fantastic experience and keeps getting better as the company enters its 20th successful year making survival gear. MTI is still a family owned company, and their focus stays on building and designing an excellent variety of life jackets for those who really enjoy paddle sports on rough seas as well as quiet lakes, or simply put, all types of safety gear for on the  water adventures.

Twenty years of creating life jackets means that a whole generation has grown up wearing MTI life jackets and  Mom and Dad's, children and seniors trust them. Many adults still have the original MTI life jackets they wore and they hang in a boat house or garage but are still utilized by other kids. These original life jackets that MTI first designed to better fit and protect their own children are still being used.

MTI created a better life jacket for children, the BOB, it was a great product. It was born out-of their own experiences of having a family. They watched their 80 year old father struggle to clip up a life jacket and it drove them to  make a life jacket for active seniors that have to deal with physical challenges of aging.  They made the life jacket easier to use so that older adults could be encouraged to keep boating? They also realized that life jackets for children have special requirements and addressed them. They found profitable markets because older folks and young children require easy to use safety gear for water sports.

Now, the centre of ther thinking is the fact that if MTI can construct a better product, people will decide to use a life  jacket, and not just because a government regulation says that they should, but because it is the intelligent thing to do and with an MTI life jacket, it is no big deal! Sadly the unexpected sometimes does occur and accidents happen when on the water. Everyone should safely enjoy our wonderful water resources ad be able to explore and revel in the waterways both in close to your back yard and way beyond.

Be adventuresome,  make time and get out on the water and spend time with your family and friends. MTI feels that you should appreciate your private time without concerns about safety.

MTI doesn't sell direct to the public. If you're seeking to buy an MTI product check out the life jackets featured here, you won't be disappointed!


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