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NRS Life Jackets

Like Bill Parks the founder of NRS Life Jackets  says, "See you on the water" and their products are worn by many on the water!

Bill Parks founded NRS. In the early 70's Bill Parks had two passions, white water paddling and business. He was a teacher.  He wanted to supply fellow enthusiasts with products, and  to demonstrate his education learning wasn't without a basis in reality. He first fell in love with whitewater in the '60s. He taught business and , and turned his passion for paddling into his day job. Starting NRS enabled him to put his theories into practice  in real life and utilize tthem in his passion for boating at the same time.

Now, he is  still practicing his first, maybe a somewhat innocent belief that a company can offer enjoyment and influence our own lives, rather than being  merely a means of earning money. At NRS, the goal is to treat you, the client, the way we ourselves would want to be treated.  The firm considers itself a  family, and they expect that you, too, get this feeling when doing business with them.

Bill believed in supplying value, and NRS was set up to supply quality gear at a great price. Even though many people ask why they do not charge more for their products,their response is that they did not start a this company to become rich or to please investors . They exist because they love boating. You'll see their best products in your local outdoors store and on the water where happy customers are using them.  Like Bill Parks says, See you on the Water and he will!

NRS Life Jacket and PFD