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PFDS for Kayacks and Inflatable Boat Owners

Survival Life Jackets and PFDS For Kayaks and Inflatable Boat Owners

The most essential boating accessories sailors should have aboard their inflatable boats or kayaks are survival life jackets. These are necessary because if you are in a boating accident  it will keep you afloat until help arrives. Life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD) will save your life, no question. There are lots of different types of life jacket designs. You have to know about each kind of life jacket to make an educated buy on a jacket that could save you if you end up in the water in rough seas, especially if you are injured.

In case you regularly take your kayak or boat in the ocean, you ought to use an offshore life jacket. This survival life jacket is made to keep you afloat in rough oceans. This type of personal flotation device will keep your face above the water, even if you become unconscious due to an injury in the accident. These PFDS have over twenty pounds of buoyancy and are the best PFD to possess if you are in rough waters where help may be a long time coming.

The traditional life jacket for children and adults is called the nearshore survival jacket. It's not as cumbersome as the offshore PFD and it is perfect for cruising in inshore waters. This sort of personal flotation device was created for areas where other boats are around and help is readily available.

For comfort, you may want to consider a flotation aid. This kind of life jacket is the one employed for relatively safe boating activities. These aren't really survival life jackets because although they will keep you afloat, if you are unconscious, they're not going to keep your face upwards and out of the water.

To be able to equip your inflatable boat or kayak with the best survival gear for your water activity, you have to know about the many styles of life jackets. Families that appreciate boating and do it together should have an individual flotation device for each member of the family. Life jackets and PFDS are not as bulky and uncomfortable as they used to be.

And on a final note, make certain the PFDs you buy for your water adventure is certified by the Coast-guard and meets all of their specifications for the on the water activities you intend to pursue!