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Stearns Life Jackets

Stearns Life Jackets have been protecting us from harsh outdoors environments since the 1920's. Check out their life jackets below.

Stearns Life Jackets

Stearns, Inc., a subsidiary of K2 Inc., is really a leading producer of reasonably priced recreational and industrial water safety and water sports life jackets. Through its six major product lines, Stearns provides a varied variety of products for the water sports enthusiast and outdoorsman. The organization's divisions include the following. The Stearns Water Sports, manufacturers personal life jackets, wetsuits, and swim and dive products. Stearns Outdoors, markets inflatable kayaks, self-inflating sleeping pads, waterproof bags, and hydration water filters. Mad Dog, offers hunting backpacks, daypacks, and other accessories. Fly Tech, features rubberized fishing waders, boots, and pther relevant items. Stearns Industrial Safety, manufacturers chilled water immersion and safety suits as well as Drywear rainsuits and work vests. Goldeneye Marine, produces ropes for watersports and dock and anchor lines.

In 1927 a Minnesotan named William P. Hilger began a little business which he named the Minnesota Sales Corporation. He had devised an add-on for placing advertisements on the rear of a motorcar. Hilger's first merchandise, the Kar-onof-ad, proved unsuccessful, but he persisted and rapidly fabricated another automotive accessory, the frost shield. In a day and age when automobile heaters were minimal, the frost shield, an electrically heated and vacuumsealed barrier between a motor car's windshield and the natural elements became vital in cold climates. The development of the shield and other inventions made the Minnesota Sales Corporation, now renamed Hilco, in to on one of fastest growing businesses in central Minnesota in the first 1930s.

Throughout the 1990s sales for the firm remained powerful, simply due the creation of new popular products. Stearns Outdoors experienced tremendous success with its inflatable kayaks and its unique towable rubberized rafts. The 90s saw an increase within the usage of rubber outdoors items like rafts for the recreational use with boats, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft. Stearns inflatable kayaks proved successful within the outdoor marketplace, with sales exceeding expectations. .

Stearns Manufacturing Company was a leader in making recreational supplies, therefore it came very little surprise when in October 1988 Anthony Industries, a California firm devoted to products and services, bought it. Anthony Industries began as a pool manufacturer and diversified to add two leading business operations, industrial goods and recreational goods. In adding Stearns Manufacturing, Anthony Industries further diversified its recreational holdings, which already included Hilton active clothing, K2 skis, Shakespeare fishing gear, and a unique first pool division.

Stearns benefitted from a change in the law in the 1960s when the Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971 permitted business organizations to develop new designs for PFDs and life jackets so long as these were in line with U. S. Coast Guard recommendations. This resulted in the fabrication of more Type II PFDs, the front fastening, bright orange, and cumbersome life jackets with which most folks are familiar, but additionally, it allowed Stearns to develop new innovations within the life jacket area.

In 1973 Stearns designed what turned into its most enduring success, the Type III Life Jacket. The new design met federal regulations but furthermore it was comfortable, which meant that consumers would wear it for their safety. This particular design was a zippered vest that kept the swimmer afloat equally as well as the Type II design but without confining the swimmer's neck area. Stearns Manufacturing's Type III Life Jacket was lauded as producing the decline of yachting-related fatalities nationally.

Stearns became an important groundbreaking leader in the development of life jackets. Today they produce high quality, durable long lasting safety devices for the boating entusiast and sea rescue professionals. Buying a Stearns life jacket or PFD is a smart consumer decision because the reputation of their sea safety gear is unsurpassed. Take a close look at their life jackets, you will be amazed at their products.